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Il Maestrale is a restaurant – pizza place located just a few steps from Santa Severa Castle. 
Here you’ll find a wide porch overlooking the sea and the Castle as well as a beautiful garden where to spend your warm summer nights.

Il Maestrale restaurant
 Via del Castello 2, Santa Severa 
 0766 570670 

Our menu includes:

  • fish delicacies from Mediterranean cuisine
  • meat-based specialities
  • classical and gourmet pizzas
  • dishes dedicated to our youngest guests
  • vegetarian dishes
  • vegan dishes
  • gluten-free dishes

The restaurant is a perfect location for events and offers specially dedicated menus.

Ristorante Il Maestrale

Ristorante Il Maestrale
 Via del Castello 2, Santa Severa 
 0766 570670 


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