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ASD Star Olena Ranch is an Equestrian Sports Centre where you can learn horseriding from 3 years of age.

At the ASD Star Olena Ranch we teach the main equestrian disciplines: from pony games to dressage, from western riding style to gymkhana jump, from equestrian culture to horse ethology.
Courses take place throughout the year.

The Pony World division is the flagship of the association.
Pony games nowadays are the most modern, efficient and funny way to learn horseriding.
This is a discipline that attracts children of all ages. It consists in team games, played on pony and horses not taller than 150 cm at the withers, focused on developing equestrian ability together with leadership and problem solving skills, respect for rules, sense of responsibility towards the team and our four-legged companion. And, above all, this is about having a lot of fun, on and off the horse!

For the youngest you’ll find the Equibimbo courses, devised to encourage a playful approach to this discipline. 
For their parents the ranch is offering courses of western riding in order to learn how to safely ride a horse in an immersive way while enjoying an amazing sea view.


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